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Musical Interlude

Here’s a nice bit of atmospheric music set against a backdrop you might find familiar. I like the tune (are those intro-notes familiar? Sounds like the opening or a trailer for something?), and had to drop a comment in the … Continue reading

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Bonus post: Star Wars (again)

Not a lot to add here. Just bumped into this video and it sums up how I felt about Episode VIII: The Last Jedi pretty well. I’ve still only seen it the once, but the more I reflect on it, … Continue reading

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The Sorry Case of the Truck Full of Shoes

Day 36. 96 pages, 43,197 words. Here’s another incident I only just heard about, because of what was in my opinion a really big-hearted and mature backlash to said incident. In the midst of a season characterised by high levels … Continue reading

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Bye bye, Info Wars

Day 15. 25 pages, 10,510 words. I was delighted today to see that Alex Jones, the big crazy stupid daddy of Info Wars, has been taken off some of the big social media platforms. Now let’s get something straight: This … Continue reading

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British classics

Day 12. 120 pages, 55,558 words. Today I’ve mostly been laughing at this: Still a bit busy today, getting some writing done before it gets too hot. Going pretty well. The word-counts, as I confessed, are a bit fudged so … Continue reading

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One more idle Sunday

Day 84. 140,047 words. I apparently only posted two parts of The Ballad of the Hamster on Usenet back in 2000. I’m sure I have more parts lying around but I’ll need to get onto my rig to find out. … Continue reading

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Interlude: Parenting in 2018

Day 36. 86,322 words. Another strange thing I learned over the weekend (aside from a little bit about how Instagram works) was that there are YouTube videos where kids play with toys. And other kids apparently enjoy watching it. I … Continue reading

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