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The Myconet, Part 41

Whatever’s happening here, I thought as I climbed down the ladder-stairs and let the trapdoor close above me, it had better begin making sense soon because this is just stupid. I descended into the darkness, stood at the foot of … Continue reading

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After a slightly frustrating start to the day (slept through my alarm, fortunately Mrs. Hatboy was thoughtful enough to wake me up an hour and a half later[1] so I didn’t entirely waste my morning), I’m recovering my equilibrium and … Continue reading

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The Brave New Dawn of 2016

Well, technically that’s three, so it looks like the blog – and the universe – is saved for another year. Well done dreameling, BRKN and Cat Protocol. Indeed, special props and Internet Awards for Cat, who followed through with a … Continue reading

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Day 41. 103 pages, 51,010 words. Well, now I know why people generally don’t read license agreements or privacy policies before clicking on “Agree” and moving on. Check out this stuff, some of it is pretty gnarly and I have … Continue reading

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Torquis in Machina, Part 13

“I’m okay,” I said, studying Creepy carefully. “I know what we should do.” Since my vision was still enhanced, I was once again able to see Creepy far more clearly than he could see me, so I saw the narrow … Continue reading

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Days of Future Past

I’m not going to do much of a review of this (do I say that every time?), due to spoilers and stuff, and also the fact that I had a slightly more interesting idea that I was going to try, … Continue reading

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