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Tales of the Always Night: Chapter 4

Like I said, taking a bit of a break and trying to get more of this written. I won’t post two chapters this weekend, just the one. There’s a couple of mini-references here, and I haven’t gone through and edited … Continue reading

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Some happy news

Tonight I had a little of my faith in humanity restored when I found out about #TargetTori. Go ahead and google that, but the long story short version is a poor long-suffering retail manager was given a hard time by … Continue reading

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Tales of the Always Night: Teaser Trailer

Trying out Young Adult reading level and tone. This is just a prologue and first chapter, the connection between them won’t be immediately clear. But if anyone is reading, let me know what you think. I’m trying to make it … Continue reading

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What’s New, November 27th, 2019

Hi y’all. Not a lot going on, busy at work and only able to post up some remastered oldies and the occasional copy-pasted rant. Work’s going well – lots to do, but chipping away at it. Still uncertain what the … Continue reading

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Today I saw an interesting post from a buddy of mine (the inestimable KMA, and as soon as his revolutionary website ideas and hilarious fiction are available to the public I can’t wait to share them here), regarding this question … Continue reading

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Bonus Post: Chucky’s Check-In

(was going to call it Hatboy’s Heck-In, but couldn’t make it fly) Howdy y’all. It occurs to me that most of you aren’t reading The Steal of Time, so it’s been pretty boring sailing on the Hatstand lately for you. … Continue reading

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Friday Filler: These are the silly little things that make me happy

Here’s a random funny writing story. After my decision to put out a little mercenary short story with the combined goals of inspiring myself to kick into something, test my premium blog offering and make enough spare cash to pay … Continue reading

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