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Sunday, March 2017

Nothing much to add today. After a busy weekend of parties and bar-cleaning, I’m just sitting down at the computer for the first time to see where I’m at with my notes and miscellaneous stuff. Still dawdling on beginning to … Continue reading

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Another Interlude: Monday!

No, there’s no consistency to when I put “Interlude”. Sometimes, like with my Way Backstory (remember that? Probably not), there is such a ridiculous break between segments that it’s really pointless having an “Interlude”. But I do intend to come … Continue reading

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Monday Morning, About Five

Day 63. 154 pages, 72,418 words. Hoped to finish the book by 62 days, shit. Had a busy weekend this weekend, don’t really have much to write about though. I was going to put together a bit of a Chucky … Continue reading

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