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What I Did On My Holidays, 2017-2018, Day 14

Day 49. 99,612 words. On holiday this coming week. Don’t expect much in the way of updates or word count changes. I may update them or I may not. Work will be happening on my phone. On Saturday the 6th … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Me

Day 16. No writing. And WordPress for Windows Phone ate my ready-to-post draft without a fucking trace so here I fucking am trying to recreate this fucking post before my morning Goddamn coffee. Fuck you, WordPress. So, anyway, tomorrow I … Continue reading

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Daily News

Day 2. 8 pages, 2,433 words. After starting off my 2015 with pepper Viru Valge, Tabasco, jallu, Unicum, Sambuca, Mansikki, Caol Ila, an assortment of energy drinks and other weirdness (some of which you will probably need to google but … Continue reading

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Did you know that, while Africa may be the birthplace of humanity, Western Australia is where the first life-forms came from? Also, they farted? Oh yeah, that happened and it’s true. They found a fossil in November that was so … Continue reading

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