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Weekender, April 2019, Part 2: Writing About Writing About Writing

Oh the Hell with it. Paging Stacker Pentecost, start the clock. Day 1. 5 pages, 1,874 words. Things are pretty quiet. I was delighted to see that Greyblade had gotten a review on Amazon Australia, from a fairly regular and … Continue reading

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Weekender, April 2019, Part 1: Is This Month Over Yet?

I planned to have a bit more ready for this weekend, maybe even start my official word count for The Last Days of Earth, but it looks like I’m still getting up to speed after Greyblade and my little blog … Continue reading

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Taking a break for the weekend

Feeling a bit stressed and tired, no time to pre-write a set of story parts for the weekend and no time over the weekend to write them. Christmas parties and such. Plus, I feel somehow as though I’ve written enough … Continue reading

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Random Saturday Musings

Day 109. 121 pages, 52,150 words. I was considering leaving out the fourth and final part of this extended Destarion story, and writing the whole thing into a fun little novel for Amazon sale at Christmas. But I haven’t really … Continue reading

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The Big Weekender of Meta Reviews, Part 3: No, Really, Is Star Wars Dead?

Day 40. 99 pages, 44,958 words. Here’s what I really don’t get about the hate Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi has gotten: The scene in the casino. Everyone seems to want to dump on it. Now, could the … Continue reading

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Weekend hijinks

Day 32. 90 pages, 40,154 words. I had a write night last night – I wrote my weekend’s blog posts in my spare moments – but didn’t get much down. I’m going to flatline for the weekend, in terms of … Continue reading

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Sunday chuckles

Day 26. 77 pages, 34,702 words. Oh dear God. This bit of genius crossed my Facebook feed the other day and I felt it deserved some accolades. What a wonderful job, and … just … what a crazy, hilarious species … Continue reading

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