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Deadpool Plays Deadpool

Saw this yesterday, had to repost. The hype and marketing continues unabated. Here’s another one, brought to my attention by Mr. dreameling. Just the trailer, but interesting to see how it’s marketed. And obviously that dubbing guy is a big … Continue reading

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One more idle Sunday

Day 84. 140,047 words. I apparently only posted two parts of The Ballad of the Hamster on Usenet back in 2000. I’m sure I have more parts lying around but I’ll need to get onto my rig to find out. … Continue reading

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7 things console gamers can stop saying to PC gamers

Day 50. 128 pages, 59,460 words. Contrary to popular belief, there are really only a few video game players who rabidly adhere to PC or console, 100% of the time, and never touch the other. Most “PC gamers” will happily … Continue reading

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Fappy Bird

I’ve tried this addictive little baby out for a few brief rounds (I’m afraid my stamina isn’t what it used to be when I was a teenager), and have come to the rather unexpected conclusion that it isn’t a horrible … Continue reading

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Interlude: The Adventures of Spyro the Dragon

It was a nice day in somewhere or other, and Spyro the dragon was about to be symbiotically bonded with a dragonfly because apparently that’s a thing. Probably because ‘dragonfly’ has the word ‘dragon’ in it, like that means they’re … Continue reading

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