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Hatboy’s log, additional: Hawking

I was saddened to learn this morning of Professor Stephen Hawking‘s death. He was 76 years old. I don’t understand even a fraction of the things he knew and spoke of, but his was a simply incredible mind. Humanity was … Continue reading

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Expanding brain

Day 24. 11 pages, 5,423 words. Slow going, but fun. So much other work to do right now, it’s a bit of a rush. I mean, in the excitement-sense, but also I guess in the … well, rush-sense. I got … Continue reading

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Closing the final loop

So, yesterday I was out walking (I say “walking” although “slogging through the driving sleet to buy groceries, my second-born’s pram pushed before me like combination dogsled and windbreaker” is more appropriate), when inspiration[1] struck me. [1] This seems to be … Continue reading

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Interlude: Aactur on death

The organic body, like everything else in the urverse, is composed at an absolutely fundamental level out of aactur. While there is still much we don’t know about how aactur operate, how much impact their equivalent of consciousness and intellect … Continue reading

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