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The Impossible Universe

Day 79. 39 pages, 16,044 words. Another busy day, but I was entertained not only by the running commentary of the collapse of Finland’s Parliament (more about that when there’s more to say than I just did, really), but by … Continue reading

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Skål, Ireland

I … I had nothing. It’s St. Patrick’s Day and I was meant to catch up with some Irish friends last night because Thursday was for some reason the day they did the Embassy thing this year, possibly to curb … Continue reading

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Interlude: The Interlude with No Name (cross a blog-posting dry spell with it sometime!)

Okay, today’s work took way longer than I thought it would for an assortment of dumb reasons, so I didn’t get back to The Myconet. Sorry. I did, however, just figure out the next step in my Blowing The Lid … Continue reading

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Another Reboot for Creators.co

Day 57. 161 pages, 58,131 words. Here’s a quick post, with slight alterations. Submitted for my fourth lesson at creators.co. https://creators.co/@Edpool/4141760 They didn’t send me an auto-reply this time around, I wonder if I fubbed the address or something … … Continue reading

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Starting Small: teaser

A bit wiped out for the moment, assembling information and trying to figure out where it should all go. For now, I’m just going to scan some of my scribbled sticky-notes and post them here, as a sort of teaser. … Continue reading

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