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Wheel of Time: Teaser Trailer

Alright, it finally dropped and I would be remiss in my long and dusty duties if I didn’t fanboy over it a little. But it’s late and I can’t add much to what I’ve linked below. By all means let’s … Continue reading

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Wheel of Time casting, questions of ethnicity, and so on

Thanks to my dude Beer Rot for linking this to me. I’m sure Aaron already saw it too, he’s been all over this channel and the Wheel of Time TV remake. Interesting watch. I could already have guessed the sorts of … Continue reading

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The TV adaptation formerly known as Night Watch

So this looks like happening at some point. Just to add to our glut of TV adaptations of beloved fantasy and science fiction books. I assume they’re calling it The Watch so as to avoid confusing the poor dumb bastards who … Continue reading

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The Wheel Turns. Yet Again.

Day 26. 17 pages, 8,490 words. This week we took another baby step towards a Wheel of Time TV series. Like the Star Wars sequels and allied movies, I like to think this blog is a bit of a long-term … Continue reading

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Sherlock: Not $hit

Day 49. 128 pages, 62,495 words. Well, turns out the new Sherlock was still on Netflix even though it wasn’t on our watchlist, so I quickly added it there just in case (and you know what? Battlestar Galactica was there … Continue reading

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A Song of Ice and Fire: Philosophising

Having started watching the latest (fourth) season of A Game of Thrones, the television series sometimes-closely and sometimes-loosely based on George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book series[1], it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the day of … Continue reading

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