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Random Office Tuesday

Day 36. 161 pages, 58,131 words. As usual, not a whole lot to report today. I may have had insufficient sleep on account of getting up (in a fruitless attempt to help out, since Mrs. Hatboy also decided to get … Continue reading

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Tuesday, well-rested

Day 3. 0 pages, 0 words. Went too many days in a row on 4 hours’ sleep, began to come unravelled. As a result, didn’t write this morning. Been feeling tense and stressed and unhappy lately, but you know, can’t … Continue reading

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Day 17. 173 pages, 78,752 words. Nothing much to add today. Not a lot going on. Work, then a trip to the water park with Wump since we have a free ticket. Then home, bed, work again. It sounds more … Continue reading

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Interlude: It’s Only Tuesday??

Day 26. 96 pages, 42,190 words. Sitting in a waiting room wondering if my parking ticket will run out or my meeting will start before I get out of here, might as well write a blog post. Today I had … Continue reading

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