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The (Alternate) Origin of Species

Day 2. 16 pages, 7,715 words. I was amused to see this article going the rounds the other day. The general gist is, humans didn’t evolve on Earth and we basically don’t belong here. At least it’s handled in a … Continue reading

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The Myconet, Part 18

It didn’t take long, shuffling through the slightly-manky darkness, for me to realise that the L&E tower basement was quite a bit more spacious than I would have expected. I don’t actually know much about how skyscrapers work, because I’m … Continue reading

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Picture this. A military man, O’Neill, tragically loses his child in a gun accident. This horrible event destroys his life, ruins his marriage, threatens his sanity. He retires from his special operations unit and turns to stargazing. By the time … Continue reading

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