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Interlude: The Fairy Tree

Over the Christmas break, I undertook a little creative project that I’m rather proud of. Now, I suppose I need to first offer a little background. My daughters, who I have nicknamed Wump and Toop for the purposes of this … Continue reading

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Interlude 2: This week in science

I don’t pretend to fully understand what this means, but this week a bunch of links went out about gravitational waves, as predicted by Einstein, finally showing up and offering the fabled smoking gun for the Big Bang theory. An … Continue reading

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Journey to the Centre of the Couch, Part 7

“You blaspheme an amusing amount, considering the last guy who came in here,” I remarked. Suity looked at me flatly. “Um, what are you getting zero of? I have to say, it just looks like you’re taking photos. And you’re … Continue reading

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