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Another weekender: Random movie reviews

Day 76. 128,036 words. I drafted this a while back, but it’s going to be a busy weekend so here you are. Back during our flight home from our Australian adventure, I got some time to watch a few random movies. … Continue reading

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“Let’s Talk About Apu”

Oh dear me. Oh deary, deary me. So this morning, a New York Times article from last week came to my attention. In this article, well, it’s about what you’d expect really. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon is a problem, because he’s such a … Continue reading

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Friday Blog Entry (Type C)

Day 54. 194 pages, 92,280 words. Writing going well, and Molran has hit Amazon shelves, although I think the versions are still stabilising. Oh, and someone found a typo already. Bastards. This, after I already delayed publishing to set a … Continue reading

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The Garbage Man Can

Day 77. 252 pages, 126,486 words. Sadly I couldn’t find a better-quality version of this video, but I was struck by how eerily prescient The Simpsons has always been when it comes to things like politics. I’ll let you decide … Continue reading

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