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The Seven Creepies in: The Christmas Crossover Caper | Part 14

Doctor Creepy was, indeed, a classic-model Creepy, from the long blonde hair to the disturbing eyes and grin to the overly colourful shirt underneath his white hospital coat. He introduced himself as Doctor Glomulus Cratch. Creepy declared this the coolest … Continue reading

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The Last Alicorn: Live!

It’s here! And in e-book format, here! That is all. It’s been a long night and a long year. And I still have a Christmas Special to write, and apparently a film critique connecting Zardoz and Jingle All The Way into the … Continue reading

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The Last Alicorn: cover reveal! (another interlude)

It’s finally here! The Nella preparing to set down on the dark planet Forbidulon. You heard me. Forbidulon. Don’t “at” me, as the young people say. If you think it looks like a retrowave text meme, that’s not a coincidence. … Continue reading

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