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Farewell, René

I was saddened to learn that René Auberjonois, of Star Trek, Boston Legal and – oh no, he was the French Chef in The Little Mermaid! – passed away yesterday. René has been a dependable and lovable force of entertainment … Continue reading

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Star Trek: Discovery

Now we’ve watched, as far as I can tell, just about the full run of … season 2? Season 3? of Star Trek: Discovery. Or there are a couple of episodes to go. I don’t know. I can’t keep track … Continue reading

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Huh (2).

(Wednesday of Huh, Part 2) Last night we watched the last episode of Star Trek: Discovery‘s first season. There are spoilers here and I can’t be bothered spoilertexting them so stop reading now if you don’t want to have the … Continue reading

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Discovery, Enterprise, Lucifer, and so on

Nothing much to report. It’s Friday, I just released a huge novel, and I’ve been getting broken sleep at best the past few nights. But generally feeling great. Considering heading home via the photo place so I can get my … Continue reading

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Today’s sleep-deprived random braindump

At about 02:00am today, for extremely obscure and specialised reasons, I saw fit to create a crude image of the starship Voyager ejecting used bio-neural gel packs from her main deflector onto the cast of The Big Bang Theory. Because … Continue reading

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Star Trek Discovery

I’m out of time for the day and the weekend, but I promised I’d add something about this, so here goes. They’re showing the new Star Trek show on Netflix now, at the charmingly dated-feeling rate of one episode a … Continue reading

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Wednesday. NICE.

Day 31. 26 pages, 12,422 words. Poopycrap, completely ran out of time for anything today, but hey. Happy Cassini Day! Not sure how it got that picture it looks at after taking the shots … but okay. I suppose it’s … Continue reading

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