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Random Saturday Thoughts, 1

The other night I had a strange dream. I was working on a vineyard (I think this part at least was related to the fact that we’d just finished watching Star Trek: The Next Generation where Picard ends up as an … Continue reading

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Farewell, René

I was saddened to learn that René Auberjonois, of Star Trek, Boston Legal and – oh no, he was the French Chef in The Little Mermaid! – passed away yesterday. René has been a dependable and lovable force of entertainment … Continue reading

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Star Trek: Discovery

Now we’ve watched, as far as I can tell, just about the full run of … season 2? Season 3? of Star Trek: Discovery. Or there are a couple of episodes to go. I don’t know. I can’t keep track … Continue reading

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Huh (2).

(Wednesday of Huh, Part 2) Last night we watched the last episode of Star Trek: Discovery‘s first season. There are spoilers here and I can’t be bothered spoilertexting them so stop reading now if you don’t want to have the … Continue reading

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Discovery, Enterprise, Lucifer, and so on

Nothing much to report. It’s Friday, I just released a huge novel, and I’ve been getting broken sleep at best the past few nights. But generally feeling great. Considering heading home via the photo place so I can get my … Continue reading

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Today’s sleep-deprived random braindump

At about 02:00am today, for extremely obscure and specialised reasons, I saw fit to create a crude image of the starship Voyager ejecting used bio-neural gel packs from her main deflector onto the cast of The Big Bang Theory. Because … Continue reading

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Star Trek Discovery

I’m out of time for the day and the weekend, but I promised I’d add something about this, so here goes. They’re showing the new Star Trek show on Netflix now, at the charmingly dated-feeling rate of one episode a … Continue reading

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