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Juice Media

Still having a slow one, but I just saw that the Juice Media team were celebrating their 5th year of amazing content, and had to give them a shout out. Brilliant stuff. Thanks for all your hard work. How are … Continue reading

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Team Space Lasagna

As the Self-Published Science Fiction Competition kicks into gear, our judging team put together a nice intro page for the team (Space Lasagna) and each member. Special thanks to the Big Bearded Nerd (there are actually at least three impressive … Continue reading

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Finnish summer news

I’m taking my first summer holiday in two years (since you don’t get paid vacations for your first year at a new job), so I’ll probably be about as lazy and uncommunicative as I have been for the past few … Continue reading

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So this is happening (#SPSFC)

So a while ago, I threw Bad Cow into the #SPFBO, the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off. In it, 10 book reviewers / book blogs read 300 fantasy books between them to decide the best self-published fantasy book of the crop. We’re … Continue reading

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