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Lightblade: A Review

This review is part of my judging effort for SPSFC2. For a little intro to the whole thing and an explanation of my judging style, see this practice review. Today’s review is for Lightblade, A Progression Fantasy Epic, Book 1 … Continue reading

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The Lie of the World, Part 11

“It’s a nice enough place, if you just ignore the evil.” Mister C of 9 had been agonisingly cheerful ever since they had entered Shadar Logoth. Halfmen were supposed to be deadly afraid of the dark, forgotten city – indeed, … Continue reading

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The Viili Trilogy: A Bromantic Movie Night Review Set

Day 58. 64 pages, 30,172 words. On Saturday I cruised on out to the civiliseds of Espoo with my esteemed bros dreameling and The Pas, for an evening at the Casa del Fahrenheit where there were to be mystery movies … Continue reading

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Your Weekend in Random: The Weird Sense of Humour of the Universe

Here’s something I randomly bumped into while reading an old Usenet thread during my lunch break (I do that sometimes, it’s sad but occasionally hilarious). In this post from almost exactly eleven years ago, I guess all you really need … Continue reading

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Poor idiot of the day

Day 55. 210 pages, 99,552 words. This morning – because I am super-busy and didn’t have much time to put into the blog, on account of holy crap I think I’m just about to finish this book more than ten … Continue reading

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Hatboy and the Activist Circus Worm-Girl: A Dream

Day 21. 53 pages, 25,278 words. Now, on the Tuesday night a few weeks ago I had another dream. This one was even weirder than the last one. I was out walking, along the normal route I take around the village … Continue reading

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Interlude: Weekend Weirdness

Day 13. 24 pages, 12,248 words. Now, I’ve already said that the actor who played Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones (Pedro Pascal) reminded me very strongly of a friend and former co-worker of mine, who shall remain nameless. And … Continue reading

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Journey to the Centre of the Couch, Part 10

It was a singularly strange experience. It was like snorkelling in dark water, diving deep and then turning onto your back to look at the surface. I turned my face up as I climbed – although it was really more … Continue reading

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