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Solo and the new Star Wars era

The following blog post, amalgamated from a fascinating Facebook conversation I lurked through on my esteemed associate Ilya’s wall, as well as another article and discussion I nabbed from my other esteemed associate M. “Cat Protocol” A.’s wall, requires very … Continue reading

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The state of the male / female divide in the closing weeks of 2017 AD

This morning, one of the administrators of the George Takei bot on Facebook[1] posted this interesting article about what happens when jackasses and the Internet collide. [1] He used to actually post, I’m sure, and was really engaging and clever. … Continue reading

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I Am

Day 51. 69 pages, 34,075 words.                         For a little while a week or two ago, there was a mini-meme [insert Austin Powers joke here] going the rounds of social media wherein one went to the Google Translate “Finnish to English” … Continue reading

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Screw you, Punisher

Day 33. 83 pages, 37,089 words. This week’s Best Thing I Have Seen On The Internet comes to you curtesy of Edpool, who is waking up and looking perkily around as Ropecon approaches this weekend. It actually took rather longer … Continue reading

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Probing into Social Media

So I’m not entirely convinced Vine is for me, although it is certainly funny and a source of some highly imaginative stuff. It’s amazing the levels of complexity you can get into a few short seconds of video. Not my … Continue reading

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Astro Tramp 400

The other day, I decided to take part in a social media game. It seemed harmless, there were no links or sharebaits or agendas, just (I suppose) the fun of it. The originator could presumably watch to see his or … Continue reading

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