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Write Weekend 2019

Well, work starts in a few hours and that means my Write Weekend is over for this year. My Write Weekend, in case I haven’t mentioned it before, is the 2-4-day stretch where Mrs. Hatboy goes to the summer cottage … Continue reading

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The Sleep Deprivation Files

It’s Ropecon this weekend, and hopefully I will have another grand report post to make next week. I haven’t needed to put much effort into my costume this year, which works out nicely since Mrs. Hatboy and I went all … Continue reading

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Perth 2 (whispers of nonsense)

Day 64. 67 pages, 31,738 words. Progress! This one’s a boulder. Anyway, I wasn’t really intending to talk about capitalism or the future of the Hatstand yesterday, that was just by way of an introduction. I was going to talk … Continue reading

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The sleepless crazies

Day 29. 83 pages, 37,711 words. I’ve been getting up early the past … three mornings to get a bit of writing done before I have to drive Toop to daycare and myself to work. It’s actually been pretty good … Continue reading

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Today’s sleep-deprived random braindump

At about 02:00am today, for extremely obscure and specialised reasons, I saw fit to create a crude image of the starship Voyager ejecting used bio-neural gel packs from her main deflector onto the cast of The Big Bang Theory. Because … Continue reading

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Day 73. 22 pages, 10,193 words. Sitting in a meeting. Nothing to add today. Writing is going well, but it’s a busy and tiring week. The more I write into Bad Cow, the more stuff pops up to go into … Continue reading

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Day 65. 127 pages, 63,371 words. Another uneventful day, I’m just going to share some random facts and entertaining bits and pieces with you. Assault With Battery Me too, laptop. Me too. Okay, this was a bit of a dumbarse … Continue reading

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