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Just Training

Day 39. 37 pages, 18,008 words. Another all-day training today, nothing much to add at this point and nothing to report. Just slogging chest-deep through a crazy week. My reviewers have been doing a wonderful job and I’m approaching 20 … Continue reading

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A Good Day

Day 1. 0 pages, 0 words. Again, nothing much to report. I’ve started chipping away at the short stories. Some of them are a mere half-page of notes, others are already in excess of 40 pages. I’m not sure whether … Continue reading

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The Rumour

There was a rumour – it would be a myth, but the sort of people who talked about it were of the hard-boiled science-and-reason variety and simply could not be having with myths – of a device. This device, so … Continue reading

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War and Creepy, Part 1

Whatever I did in a past life to end up with a sidekick like Creepy in this one, I hope I had a lot of fun doing it. “Excuse me.” Creepy was a fractious and often brilliant individual, with perhaps … Continue reading

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