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Watson and Holmes: A Review

This review is part of my judging effort for the SPSFC. For a little intro to the whole thing and an explanation of my judging style, see this practice review. Next up we have Watson and Holmes, by E. B. … Continue reading

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TV Spot

Day 13. 35 pages, 15,538 words. A little while ago, the third season (for “season”, read “three stinkin’ episodes, but at least they’re an hour and a half long each, what the fuck BBC, get your shit together”) of the … Continue reading

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Sherlock: Not $hit

Day 49. 128 pages, 62,495 words. Well, turns out the new Sherlock was still on Netflix even though it wasn’t on our watchlist, so I quickly added it there just in case (and you know what? Battlestar Galactica was there … Continue reading

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Murder most foul, Part 1

I knew things were not going to end well when I saw how they were starting. Creepy declaring that the game is afoot, and putting on his special Sherlock hat, is never a good sign. I say ‘special’, because it … Continue reading

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