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New study shows people becoming dumber, more intelligent

Day 45. 113 pages, 52,428 words. Urgh, time was stolen from me. No more excuses. In a stunning contradiction that psychologists and neurosurgeons are calling “the great paradox of our modern time”, a new study has shown that while the … Continue reading

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Quiz proves amusingly accurate, and reminds me I am lazy (see what I mean about accurate?)

I just took a quiz today (yes, it’s another me-me-me post), because I am one of those people who can’t stop doing that shit. I think I posted about it before. The quiz was supposed to show what career I … Continue reading

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Once More With Facebook

Okay, time out for a second. Translation from the (weirdly-accented) Finnish: “Ugly women need men too, from time to time. Interested?” Why, yes, I – hold on a minute, that picture seems to be some sort of busty lingerie model. … Continue reading

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