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Interlude / bonus post / something: Black Hole Fun

Day 5. 50 pages, 23,040 words. I couldn’t in good conscience go on with my silly prattling without mentioning a little thing some clever, clever humans did just the other day. As you’ve probably heard by now, the Event Horizon Team … Continue reading

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Glitches in the veil

Day 89. 158,363 words. Done. Well that turned into damn near a 10,000-word writing session. And The First Feast is complete. Just waiting for CreateSpace to check it, and then I’ll get the editors’ copies underway. An April publishing deadline might be … Continue reading

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The Myconet, Part 50

Now, here’s the thing about time travel. You don’t understand time travel. There, I said it. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t understand it either. It’s entirely possible that nobody understands it. Our brains evolved in a certain set of … Continue reading

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Amusing YouTuber Makes Good

Day 24. 109 pages, 48,704 words. Clearing out my virtual desk today, putting all the files onto the server (hopefully I still have network access) and finishing up. Yaaaay. Then tomorrow I will go to see Captain America: Civil War, … Continue reading

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Mondays, case of

Still waiting on pictures and updates as the report takes shape, so here’s another random space-filler and Facebook-joke. I’m still on hiatus, technically, so am trying to focus on writing for work rather than here on my home computer. Still … Continue reading

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British Scientist Makes Time Travel a Reality, Sets About Righting Wrongs

Day 62. 153 pages, 72,127 words. Blaaaaaaaah, nothing. Inventor William Stover-Quigley, of the UK-based think tank Smith and Turnbull, has invented the world’s first fully-functional time machine, news sources reported over the weekend. The machine, taking the form of a … Continue reading

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Day 54. 140 pages, 65,324 words. I saw an interesting blog post and series of videos the other day, about the videos made by this guy. There are a lot of cool videos there. See, this is what I’m saying, … Continue reading

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