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Holy crap

Did you ever have a really good friend? Not a best friend, because that shit was lame and you didn’t go in for that competitive, comparative bullplop. Just a friend, because that was enough. Did you ever have a friend … Continue reading

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So Long, And Thanks For All The Chips

As I have mentioned, on Sunday my wife’s roleplay group finally defeated the Ultimate Boss (with the Bar Äijä’s TV pumping out YouTube “end boss” music clips through its blu-ray player, come on – that’s style right there) in their … Continue reading

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Hero Quest (Part 1, sort of)

This weekend I was treated to an excellent session of Hero Quest, the original and classic game as found for me and given as a birthday gift by Mrs. Hatboy. I took on the role of Dungeon Master, while Bella, … Continue reading

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Interlude 3: Another mathematical conundrum

Here’s another one, apropos of nothing. I’m planning my birthday party (6×6 @ #6, Bar Äijä’s, watch this space for the report), and it will have a role-playey 6D6 theme. I’m planning a set of drinks, each with a number … Continue reading

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