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A Star Named Vega: A Review

This review is part of my judging effort for the SPSFC. For a little intro to the whole thing and an explanation of my judging style, see this practice review. Next up on the SPSFC list was A Star Named … Continue reading

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And here we go! (#SPSFC)

The contest is underway and everyone is putting up blog posts and tweets and stuff, so I guess I might as well join in. First up, the good people at Fantasy Faction have made a Pinterest board out of all … Continue reading

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BONUS POST: Birthday Specials

To celebrate Mrs. Hatboy’s birthday on the 18th of February, I’ve started a campaign to allow the first books of my two series – Eejit in sci-fi, Bad Cow in sci-fi / fantasy – to be available for just 99c. … Continue reading

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Wednesday II: Return of the Killer Wednesday

Actually, since Aaron wanted to be a wisenheimer, I actually wrote this today: https://creators.co/@Edpool/4128879 Since I apparently need to write a whole new article for each new Academy class, I’ll repost the links to them here as bonus material. *raspberry*

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Day 9. 0 pages, 0 words. I just finished reading this to Wump last night, and I have to say I’d forgotten quite a lot of what happened in there. It was … pretty heavy stuff. Here’s a couple of … Continue reading

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Reading Time with Edpool, Episode 5

Day 6. 56 pages, 24,482 words. Here’s an exclusive little sneak peek at The Final Fall of Man #7 for you. There aren’t really any spoilers here, although I guess there could be some mild ones. It’s a flashback chapter, … Continue reading

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Reading Time with Edpool, Episode 3

Day 72. 229 pages, 114,551 words. Another weekend away from the rig but I will be getting as much writing done as possible. Here’s Part 3 in my mad editor alter ego’s sizzling new Web series. Actually pretty darn smooth … Continue reading

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Ugh, again

I’ve been neglecting my Who for the past day or two, but I really do have a hum-dinger of a headache right now. So I’ll just dump this here, for general amusement: And this one, about reading. I hope one … Continue reading

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