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Today’s sleep-deprived random braindump

At about 02:00am today, for extremely obscure and specialised reasons, I saw fit to create a crude image of the starship Voyager ejecting used bio-neural gel packs from her main deflector onto the cast of The Big Bang Theory. Because … Continue reading

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Monday of bluuuuurrrgh

Heh, last night was fun, I took part in the Heinlein Society annual meeting online and had a little chat with some of the team I met at Worldcon. It was good to hear their voices again and to hear … Continue reading

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Sleepy, but life is good. Was up until about 02:30am this morning, writing and making random notes. I put together a timeline for the events I’ll be writing about next, which I probably should have started doing as I was … Continue reading

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Training Day (3)

Late night last night and I spent an hour or so being kicked and slapped by Toop, which was unfortunate. But now back to work! Another slow news day. Training is going nicely, I like this version of the tool … Continue reading

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Wednesday already!

It’s nice, what a two-day training course can do to a week. I have yet another training session this afternoon but it’s only an hour and a half. And then next week, a whopping three-day course. Wump starts circus school … Continue reading

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Ropecon 2017

Day 125. 150 pages, 69,622 words. Another lazy pre-write this weekend, and another essential flatline although I am still hoping to get a bit done. It’s Ropecon this weekend, so we’re going to be hitting Messukeskus for the duration. Since … Continue reading

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Guuuhhhh (2)

Day 99. 69 pages, 31,095 words. In the past couple of days, my allergies have hit with full force. I will need to start medicating. Well, it’s either hay fever or my immune system and body just completely gave up … Continue reading

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