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Random Saturday Thoughts, 1

The other night I had a strange dream. I was working on a vineyard (I think this part at least was related to the fact that we’d just finished watching Star Trek: The Next Generation where Picard ends up as an … Continue reading

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The Sleep Deprivation Files

It’s Ropecon this weekend, and hopefully I will have another grand report post to make next week. I haven’t needed to put much effort into my costume this year, which works out nicely since Mrs. Hatboy and I went all … Continue reading

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Lazy Sunday #572

(taken from a rough average of 52 Sundays a year for 11 years, not counting any Sundays that might have been actually quite busy indeed and not adjusted for I Don’t Have Time For This Shit) Continuing in our vein … Continue reading

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Oh look, the week ended. Good.

Day 67. 160 pages, 75,743 words. Fuck, that was crap. Well, had an evening of moderate fun last night. That is to say, the evening itself was a great deal of fun (especially considering the direction this week has gone, … Continue reading

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Was at a bit of a loss today and this week is a crazy nuthouse of work and dentistry and other fun things, so I will be a bit strapped for time to write. So I decided to dust off … Continue reading

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