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Tales of the Always Night, a teaser

I finished editing today, and I have seven illustrations left to draw before I’m ready to go to print with the proof copies. Hopefully it’ll be a fun read. More news as comes to light, and as I promised I … Continue reading

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Interlude: How Not To Treat Your Cover Artist

Day 57. 110,835 words. This amusing little Internet explosion (which I am hereby dubbing a “storm in an e-cup”[1]) occurred over the weekend and I had a bit to say about it on Facebook, but figured I might as well share … Continue reading

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Traditional publishing

Day 11. 74 pages, 36, 906 words. Right. After both of my steadfast readers / blog companions, Mr. BRKN and Mr. dreameling, encouraged me to dust off my 15-year-old submissions-to-dinosaur-publishers policy and once again look at the possibilities of traditional … Continue reading

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Interlude: Hardcovers

I ran out of time today and the Creepy & Hatboy segment ended up not being as prodductive as I hoped, although I had fun writing it. It was also a bit of a meta-shout-out to the readers who may … Continue reading

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