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Another Busy Saturday

Another pre-write. Nothing much planned for today, although we do have a crowded schedule. If the weather is good I will mow the lawn. Wump has swimming class. I’m vaguely considering joining her for the session, and actually taking my … Continue reading

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Worldcon (reprise)

Mr. dreameling generously shared his Worldcon pictures with me a while ago and I threw them into my WordPress archive for a later date. And here they are. I was particularly pleased to see some pictures of the panel I … Continue reading

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Weekender, September 2017 (2)

Again, not a great deal to write for today. The Heinlein Society is having its annual general meeting tonight, and I rearranged my Write Night to coincide since it’s happening in the afternoon over in the US somewhere, and at … Continue reading

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Weekender, September 2017 (1)

Another week goes by. Shit, at this rate September’s going to be over before I know what’s happening. Not a lot to report. Mrs. Hindle was on the radio yesterday, speaking to a Swedish show about Hakunila (I hope she … Continue reading

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Ropecon 2, Return of the Killer Ropecon

Day 126. 150 pages, 69,622 words. Still nothing to report for the weekend. Working away, pre-writing as much as I can before things get busy at work again, and generally just trying to relax. I’ll add Ropecon pictures as I … Continue reading

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Ropecon 2017

Day 125. 150 pages, 69,622 words. Another lazy pre-write this weekend, and another essential flatline although I am still hoping to get a bit done. It’s Ropecon this weekend, so we’re going to be hitting Messukeskus for the duration. Since … Continue reading

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Solo solo

Day 119. 124 pages, 57,188 words. On Friday, which is when I pre-wrote this blog post, I watched a few entertaining videos by Red Letter Media – or at least listened to them in the background while I was working. … Continue reading

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