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Well, it’s Sunday and I have nothing to post. If all goes well, I will be resting off a mass of burgers and booze from last night’s bash over at the in-laws’ place. It promises to be greatly enjoyable. (Follow-up: … Continue reading

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Hosting VI: Pub Crawl Edition

Going out pub-crawling with the fine Scottish lads and lasses of the Finnish Scottish Society tonight. Taking my pipes so as to tootle the crowd gently from one pub to the next. For as long as I am able. I … Continue reading

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Wiggles and Viggles, Walder and Freja

Today we’re headed to the naming ceremony and accompanying tea and cakefest for my second nephew, Viggo. Many congratulations and respectful tips of the titular hat to the parents who are doing a spectacular job under challenging circumstances. I mean, … Continue reading

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Another Busy Saturday

Another pre-write. Nothing much planned for today, although we do have a crowded schedule. If the weather is good I will mow the lawn. Wump has swimming class. I’m vaguely considering joining her for the session, and actually taking my … Continue reading

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Worldcon (reprise)

Mr. dreameling generously shared his Worldcon pictures with me a while ago and I threw them into my WordPress archive for a later date. And here they are. I was particularly pleased to see some pictures of the panel I … Continue reading

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Weekender, September 2017 (2)

Again, not a great deal to write for today. The Heinlein Society is having its annual general meeting tonight, and I rearranged my Write Night to coincide since it’s happening in the afternoon over in the US somewhere, and at … Continue reading

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Weekender, September 2017 (1)

Another week goes by. Shit, at this rate September’s going to be over before I know what’s happening. Not a lot to report. Mrs. Hindle was on the radio yesterday, speaking to a Swedish show about Hakunila (I hope she … Continue reading

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