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The Shadow Plagiarising, Part 4

Moiraine looked at the two swords and sighed. Then she turned to Someshta. “Well?” she demanded. The Green Man shuffled and rustled. “Well, they’re both fakes,” he said. “I imagine this is the second fake we saw in the Heart. … Continue reading

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Look out!

Day 42. 93 pages, 45,796 words. In movie news, bumped off my radar by the entertaining Wheel of Time trivia yesterday (live with it, dreameling), it seems the rift between Sony Pictures’ Spiderman and the vast media conglomerate of Marvel … Continue reading

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Weird Al Yankovic, Guardian of Culture

Day 58. 146 pages, 68,971 words. I recently picked up the new album by Alfred Matthew “Weird Al” Yankovic, Mandatory Fun. Although this only marks the second Weird Al album I have bought (if you even count the bootleg Even … Continue reading

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Interlude: On the couch

I switched off the television. “Well, there it is,” I said. “Seven seasons, the cycle of MacGyver is once again complete. Arguably the last and greatest of the TV series from the non-ironic joke-freezeframe-rollcredits endings era. There may be a … Continue reading

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Little Miss Hatboy (Interlude 2)

I’ve undertaken not to make this a sappy baby-blog, just like when we were buying and renovating our house I undertook not to make this a Home Improvement blog. I think I’m fairly safe from that now, however, and yesterday’s … Continue reading

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