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500,000,000 B.C. (Not Quite An Interlude)

Day 41. 64 pages, 30,290 words. A scream burst the tranquillity, sending a flock of colourful four-winged birds flapping and hooting melodiously from a copse of graceful trees. The sky, aquamarine and perfected rather than marred by a few clumps … Continue reading

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Closing the final loop

So, yesterday I was out walking (I say “walking” although “slogging through the driving sleet to buy groceries, my second-born’s pram pushed before me like combination dogsled and windbreaker” is more appropriate), when inspiration[1] struck me. [1] This seems to be … Continue reading

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To say Moskin Stormburg was devout would be a critical – nay, dangerous – understatement. Moskin Stormburg was unhinged. He believed so relentlessly in God and the blessed Lost Disciples, it wasn’t so much a matter of faith as obsession. … Continue reading

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