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Suomi-100-sized case of the Mondays

Day 85. 50 pages, 21,190 words. Well that weekend happened and is now over with. Good. Moving on. My parents arrive at 16:00 this afternoon. At which point my work week will be 1/3 over, on account of my “summer … Continue reading

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“Tinny and Glandad” leave for Singapore tonight, after a final flurry of yard work and moderately irritating lectures. Fortunately I’m pushing 40 at this stage, and couldn’t actually tell you the content of any of the lectures in any detail. … Continue reading

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Interlude: *long, hefty sigh*

So, after three long weeks, I got my parents on a plane and off to London yesterday morning, and have spent the past twenty-four hours or so decompressing. Really, it is nice to have them around, but damn it, it’s … Continue reading

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No, seriously, goodbye Mopho Cake II

I know I’ve said it before, but now it really is time for me to go and buy a new webomophone. Mopho Cake II hasn’t actually died yet, but he’s getting slower and slower, his keypad is unresponsive, he periodically … Continue reading

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Prepare for radio silence, re-runs, and assorted laziness

My parents arrive from Australia on Wednesday morning, which is good timing because Toop just smiled consciously for the first time today. So we should have her charming their pants off in very short order. Not literally, of course. My … Continue reading

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Friday, wee small hours of

A bit uninspired today. Toop got me up at 3:30am with some belly gripes, and as I write this it is just past 4:20am and she’s just drifted back to sleep – I know! Almost a whole hour of being … Continue reading

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Reflecting kindly on my folks

Here’s something I never appreciated as a teenager, not that teenagers as a general rule reflect much on things or appreciate them. I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily something you have to be a parent to understand – I’m not so arrogant … Continue reading

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