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Interlude: Rest in Peace, Hawkie

Day 39. 64 pages, 30,290 words. Done some editing! Today I learned of the passing of an age-old Australian icon, former prime minister Bob Hawke. I don’t know whether he was a good politician, or a good man. He seemed … Continue reading

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Last night, my dear irascible old grandma-in-law, Gunvor “Lillo” Helenius, passed away. This was not unexpected, as she had cruised past ninety years of age – in the style of one of the last remaining true Finnish-Swedish matriarchs – some … Continue reading

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Hulk Out

Day 112. 132 pages, 57,843 words. I was saddened yesterday to learn that the legendary Stan Lee, grand-daddy of Marvel comics, had died aged 95. That’s one Hell of an innings, especially considering he was still pulling hilarious cameos in … Continue reading

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Hatboy’s log, additional: Hawking

I was saddened to learn this morning of Professor Stephen Hawking‘s death. He was 76 years old. I don’t understand even a fraction of the things he knew and spoke of, but his was a simply incredible mind. Humanity was … Continue reading

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Interlude: Epiclogue

Day 66. 116,156 words. My parents attended the service to pay their final respects to their friend, my godfather Rob, on the weekend. As the mourners were leaving the service and the coffin was taken away, I’m reliably informed that this … Continue reading

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Interlude: Laurie

Day 51. 102,650 words. For as long as I can remember, Laurie and his family have been a part of my circle of friends. That’s because he was a lifelong mate of my dad’s, so when my dad had kids … Continue reading

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Farewell, Dolores O’Riordan. But never goodbye.

Day 29. 81,251 words. Finished story #1! Back on the 15th of January, I was gut-punched to learn that Dolores O’Riordan, of the Cranberries, had passed away. I didn’t post then, partly because things were busy and I hadn’t had … Continue reading

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