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Worldcon (reprise)

Mr. dreameling generously shared his Worldcon pictures with me a while ago and I threw them into my WordPress archive for a later date. And here they are. I was particularly pleased to see some pictures of the panel I … Continue reading

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Black Honey Wings, Part XIII

Day 8. 47 pages, 21,076 words. No shit done this weekend. Noro Metak buccaneers, according to the general rules of the goodwill ambassador exchange program, were not allowed command positions on starships over a certain size and armament grade. There were all … Continue reading

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Black Honey Wings, Part III

Çrom Skelliglyph strolled onto the bridge as they once again ended communication with the furious – or pretending-very-convincingly-to-be-furious – Captain Dool. The Captain of the A-Mod 400 was crisp-uniformed and bright-eyed, and at least wasn’t holding a cocktail in his … Continue reading

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