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What I Learned When I Attempted An Alternative Lifestyle In “Animal Crossing”

I’m an artsy fartsy litwank creative type (you may have noticed!). When something comes along that claims to support individual expression or freedom of choice, I just have to do something different to everyone else to show I’m a special … Continue reading

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Well, there it is, my first Breath of the Wild dream

Day 14. 12 pages, 5,250 words. Over the weekend, I played a lot of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I’ll try not to ramble about it too much, not many people are interested in listening to other … Continue reading

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Well heck, here I am again then

(Crap, I actually drafted this yesterday afternoon after work, then forgot to publish it. So, I’m quick-posting it now while breakfast coffee brews and computer warms up) Hey there. What’s been happening? I’ve had a madly relaxing four weeks of … Continue reading

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Funday (mini Zelda review, and other goodies)

Today I stayed at home until about 11, watching Wump and Toop and one of the daycare kids while Mrs. Hatboy went to a job interview. Normally of course, anoppi would be doing the daycare thing but she was on a … Continue reading

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