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Well, this sure ain’t great (Wheel of Time)

So we already have news of a main character being recast for season 2 of the show. Mat, no less. Aside from the big “describe what’s happening in this series, wrong answers only” energy of the article’s description of the … Continue reading

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Sauna, Sisu, and Suicide

Day 3. 23 pages, 10,433 words. Wump got back from her big Scout Jamboree yesterday. Apparently it was great fun but she missed the TV and maybe also her mum and dad a bit. She even got to be on … Continue reading

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In the news

Day 35. 89 pages, 40,060 words. I thought this was just going to be on the crackpot pages of the Internet version of the paper, but it looks like it was in the crackpot pages of the actual version of … Continue reading

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