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Summertime, Part 2

Day 65. 67 pages, 31,738 words. When it comes to the Wasteland, there are only so many experts you can call on for help. Since the Wasteland is nothingness almost by definition, the  for main prerequisite for being an expert … Continue reading

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Oh, that moment when you flail at your keyboard with absolutely no control over a story at all, until finally it all falls into place and starts behaving itself in a narrative-logical manner. I just got that, in a major way, … Continue reading

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Journey to the Centre of the Couch, Aside

Now, I should probably take a brief side-trip here, while in-story Hatboy is busy with the spanner. Sorry to address you directly, I know it causes issues. I mean, obviously I’m either telling this story after the fact – relating … Continue reading

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On Sprequels

I was privileged to brainstorm with my esteemed colleague Mister Fahrenheit yesterday afternoon while carpooling home. “Carpooling” is my Mister Nice Guy way of saying I drove home by the scenic route and Fahrenheit bummed a lift off me. Anyway, … Continue reading

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