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Today’s special (yes, the aki’Pedia again)

And once again, I was kept rather busy at work today so here is an aki’Pedia entry. This one is a bit special, though. It’s about the Molren, and it includes some deeper Book of Pinian stuff as well as … Continue reading

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Argh Monday

Day 8. 114 pages, 49,902 words. Overslept this morning and was left with barely an hour of writing time before I had to come to work. Still, I guess I needed the sleep after the weekend. As mentioned, the weekend … Continue reading

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The Sunday After

Day 7. 107 pages, 46,405 words. Didn’t get many photos, sadly, but it was a grand evening as ever. We had a fairly big crowd at Bar Äijä’s, all the copies of Molran sold, and a considerable amount of food … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Bat-Headed

Day 6. 102 pages, 42,801 words. Ugh, thundery weather all day, unpleasantly overcast, no time to drink coffee this morning, splitting headache. Had to go to the shops again to get a few last-minute things, and am now cleaning up … Continue reading

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Monday Blog Entry (Type D)

Decent weekend, after all my whining. My headache improved dramatically when I finished writing Final Fall of Man #7, and I am now transcribing it onto the publication template. Editors’ copies should be ready next week. In the meantime, I … Continue reading

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Molran: Out Now

Day 52. 186 pages, 87,891 words. Molran is available in paperback at CreateSpace, and will be propagating to Amazon in paperback and e-book format soon. https://www.createspace.com/6147707 I get better royalties from CreateSpace, though. I’ve set the e-book price to be … Continue reading

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Thursday and going strong

Day 46. 162 pages, 75,471 words. I did get a little sit-down time last night but not in the mornings yet. Molran is in review and I should be able to order proof copies today. Probably won’t wait for them … Continue reading

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