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The Lie of the World, Part 7

“…Bowman remained at Delnoch for a year, then travelled to Venturia to fight the Nadir once more. He did not return.” There was silence in the common room as Chucky finished his tale. Then, as one, the audience leapt to … Continue reading

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The Tramp: A First Look

Day 31. 78 pages, 34,917 words. I wasted a bit of time and effort a few days back, making a series of maps. They’re mostly still blank and they’re done scrappily in MS Paint rather than a nice vector graphics … Continue reading

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Astro Tramp 400

The other day, I decided to take part in a social media game. It seemed harmless, there were no links or sharebaits or agendas, just (I suppose) the fun of it. The originator could presumably watch to see his or … Continue reading

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