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Worldcon (reprise)

Mr. dreameling generously shared his Worldcon pictures with me a while ago and I threw them into my WordPress archive for a later date. And here they are. I was particularly pleased to see some pictures of the panel I … Continue reading

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Re-run Weekend, Part 2

Day 76. 33 pages, 13,827 words. Ruining my great streak with a flatline, but nothing much for it really. That’s weekends. I had a bunch of random videos to add for today but couldn’t be bothered, they’re all just sort … Continue reading

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Morgoth’s Curse, Remembered

Day 51. 161 pages, 58,131 words. Yesterday was Michael “Morgoth’s Curse” Kohrs‘s birthday. His Facebook account is still active, left that way by his next of kin, which I think is a nice touch and allows him to sort-of-kind-of remain … Continue reading

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