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Weekender, April 2019, Part 1: Is This Month Over Yet?

I planned to have a bit more ready for this weekend, maybe even start my official word count for The Last Days of Earth, but it looks like I’m still getting up to speed after Greyblade and my little blog … Continue reading

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You want to be careful, Frodo, making jokes about the universe

Still going to prolong doing anything productive (you know, outside of work obviously), on account of being kicked out of bed by Wump and Toop this morning. Usually this is cool because I take the opportunity to write a bit, … Continue reading

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Weird day

Still not a lot to report. Broken sleep last night, kids woke me up and I went out to write for a bit, then went for an early start at work. Taking public transport so Mrs. Hatboy can have the … Continue reading

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Checking in

Not a lot going on this week, but I’ll be busy at work and busy editing Greyblade[1], and after my long weekend of shrill activism I’m pretty much done with politics for the time being – identity or otherwise. [1] … Continue reading

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Taking a break for the weekend

Feeling a bit stressed and tired, no time to pre-write a set of story parts for the weekend and no time over the weekend to write them. Christmas parties and such. Plus, I feel somehow as though I’ve written enough … Continue reading

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Random All The Way

Day 114. 138 pages, 62,297 words. Beginning to worry I won’t be able to fit this bad boy in a draft paperback. Still no real time to make a good start on Part 4, but I’m powering away at Greyblade … Continue reading

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Sick leave: Requiem

Day 87. 79 pages, 33,429 words. Feeling better and I went back to work today after a solid day’s rest with only occasional headaches (unwelcome) and bouncing-on from children (more welcome). Wump is off school for autumn holiday which is … Continue reading

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