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It’s a beautiful day

Day 43. 107 pages, 48,730 words. Vaguely considering starting a new little short story but not entirely sure where it’s headed (not that this has ever stopped me before but this isn’t a Creepy and Hatboy story), or if I … Continue reading

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Weekend hijinks

Day 32. 90 pages, 40,154 words. I had a write night last night – I wrote my weekend’s blog posts in my spare moments – but didn’t get much down. I’m going to flatline for the weekend, in terms of … Continue reading

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The sleepless crazies

Day 29. 83 pages, 37,711 words. I’ve been getting up early the past … three mornings to get a bit of writing done before I have to drive Toop to daycare and myself to work. It’s actually been pretty good … Continue reading

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Day 19. 49 pages, 22,067 words. Pre-writing, but I understand we’re going to a cousin-in-law’s and a second-cousin-in-law’s combined birthday party today, so that’ll be nice. Hope it’s not too hot to make eating cake a struggle. Follow-up: Humid, raining, … Continue reading

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List of random weekend things

Day 18. 45 pages, 20,055 words. I’ve got nothing for this weekend. I’ve got to mow the lawn because it’s severely overdue. I think we’re going to a market of some sort. And my hair is just a disgrace. A … Continue reading

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Whoa, what happened to Thursday?

Day 9. 95 pages, 43,751 words. Bear with me, I just got the bus home and neglected to write a blog post while doing so, since nothing very much happened today. A whole lot of sweatin’ and that’s about it. … Continue reading

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How is it still only Tuesday?

Yeah, did I mention this was going to be a crazy week? Ugh. So today I’ve got to pay another visit to the doctor’s office, cutting short the delightful seven-hour training we’re taking part in after a mere five hours. … Continue reading

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