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Month end

Better fill out my hours in annoying project-by-project half-hour increments so they can get management approval in time for invoicing OHHH WAIT. *swipes card and walks away* Speaking (in case you missed the oblique reference) of my dear old Lionbridge, … Continue reading

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The Saturday After

Day 22. Weekend, probably no progress. Well, that was a brutal little series of events. Sorry about the disjointed blog posts yesterday, but I was pretty messed up. After planning on going to work, I found myself with the shakes … Continue reading

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Class of 2005

Day 29. 68 pages, 33,083 words. Yesterday, I lost a good boss. This is not to say my other bosses are bad. I have way too many bosses, most of whom will inevitably find their way to this blog post, … Continue reading

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We interrupt our scheduled blogging…

…to bring you the best thing I have seen happen on Facebook this year. Yes, it’s that awkward moment when you, and several other colleagues at Lionbridge, take a “which character are you” quiz and all seem to draw Jaime … Continue reading

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