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The aki’Pedia Presents:

This morning, while waiting for Panda Egg to publish, I sat here and put a whole bunch of my different alien languages into the aki’Pedia’s Lexicon Page. This isn’t all of my words and phrases, and it’s definitely not all of … Continue reading

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Weekend of random language geekery, Part 1

Day 68. 141 pages, 70,921 words. Poopy crap, I totally ran out of time to do anything today and still didn’t finish Part Two of the book … but I will try and get it finished over the course of … Continue reading

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Performance Review

Day 53. 81 pages, 40,066 words.                        Today I have my first annual performance review. Yes, as of next week I will have been at my dear new workplace a whole year already. It really has just flown by, but I … Continue reading

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Interlude: I’m glad you asked!

The other day, a random post from Robert “General Moral Decay (Alcohol)” E hit my newsfeed because he saw a share about language and very flatteringly thought of me. The resulting bit of poetry, of which I was rather proud, … Continue reading

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It’s all in the translation

There were so many criminals called Spider or the Spider, just one more could hardly make a difference. The nickname was so common, indeed, that most of the time it wasn’t even considered unoriginal. The creature was silent, viscerally-unsettling, a … Continue reading

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