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Worldcon, again

Day 116. 121 pages, 55,650 words. Ahh fuck me, I think I just realised why this is taking me so long, it’s because I don’t want to write what I know has to happen. Worldcon is a go! Yessss. My profile … Continue reading

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Worldcon ideas?

Day 111. 99 pages, 44,204 words. Not a lot to report today. The plan was to go to Linnanmäki amusement park with the girls, after which they are going to head to the kesämökki for a few days, leaving me … Continue reading

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Assassin of Dragonclaw

Day 84. 46 pages, 19,379 words. Well this weekend has been a comedy of disasters. Stomach almost killing me on Friday and keeping me home from both intended parties. Wump getting bitten (not badly, but traumatically) by the neighbours’ dog … Continue reading

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Thirty-nine and feelin’ fine

Day 52. 72 pages, 36,017 words.                          Well, it’s my birthday again but (aside from fielding the usual smattering of social media shout-outs) I’m not making a big deal of it. Always. It’s been an amusing and sometimes irritating week in … Continue reading

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Traditional publishing

Day 11. 74 pages, 36, 906 words. Right. After both of my steadfast readers / blog companions, Mr. BRKN and Mr. dreameling, encouraged me to dust off my 15-year-old submissions-to-dinosaur-publishers policy and once again look at the possibilities of traditional … Continue reading

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Once more unto the Twittersphere

Another busy week and not much to add on the writing front, but I decided to take another swing at getting The Final Fall of Man some attention, since I went to the trouble of writing it and all. It … Continue reading

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Interlude: The Final Fall of Man is complete

Crap, running out of time today. Human is done! Find it in e-book format, in paperback, and if you want the paperback in a form that will give me a higher share of the royalties, get that here. The paperback … Continue reading

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