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Greyblade: Ready

So Greyblade finally came in at 715 pages, 205,282 words. Quite the monster. The paperback is available on Amazon here. The e-book is available here. My hiatus continues, but here is my usual metrics graph for the three parts of … Continue reading

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The First Feast

https://t.co/4nUoRqwkeN The conclusion you've both been waiting for. "The First Feast", an anthology of short stories including the long-running story of the same name from my blog, is now available. Also available in paperback: https://t.co/bwZpQ0u05v#IndieSFF #scifi #IARTG — Edpool (@St_EdPool) … Continue reading

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Author fight!

Day 75. 125,772 words. Well … okay, there probably won’t be an author fight since this poor little nobody seems to have fallen through the cracks like a tinpot third world military dictator’s threats of global annihilation. But what the heck, … Continue reading

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Interlude: Worldcon 2019

Day 62. 113,643 words. Oh yeah, we’re starting this shit already y’all. Just a brief entry for now. I purchased Worldcon memberships for the 2019 Worldcon in Dublin just this week. One for me, one for Mrs. Hatboy, one for … Continue reading

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Interlude: How Not To Treat Your Cover Artist

Day 57. 110,835 words. This amusing little Internet explosion (which I am hereby dubbing a “storm in an e-cup”[1]) occurred over the weekend and I had a bit to say about it on Facebook, but figured I might as well share … Continue reading

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Speaking of the future

Immediately after joining the Heinlein Society and checking out their forums, I found an independent author who has written a book about exponential technology and the utopia or dystopia / extermination it could lead to. I checked out the first … Continue reading

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Worldcon, again

Day 116. 121 pages, 55,650 words. Ahh fuck me, I think I just realised why this is taking me so long, it’s because I don’t want to write what I know has to happen. Worldcon is a go! Yessss. My profile … Continue reading

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