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Signal boost

Day 2. 16 pages, 7,046 words. Today is my big sister’s birthday. Happy birthday Clare, I hope you have a great day and we’re thinking of you over here in scorching Finland. But unfortunately, today’s blog post isn’t about my … Continue reading

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Poor idiot of the day

Day 55. 210 pages, 99,552 words. This morning – because I am super-busy and didn’t have much time to put into the blog, on account of holy crap I think I’m just about to finish this book more than ten … Continue reading

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British Scientist Makes Time Travel a Reality, Sets About Righting Wrongs

Day 62. 153 pages, 72,127 words. Blaaaaaaaah, nothing. Inventor William Stover-Quigley, of the UK-based think tank Smith and Turnbull, has invented the world’s first fully-functional time machine, news sources reported over the weekend. The machine, taking the form of a … Continue reading

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New study shows people becoming dumber, more intelligent

Day 45. 113 pages, 52,428 words. Urgh, time was stolen from me. No more excuses. In a stunning contradiction that psychologists and neurosurgeons are calling “the great paradox of our modern time”, a new study has shown that while the … Continue reading

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