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The Tolerant … Left

Day 6. 50 pages, 22,353 words. Last week one of my ranty blog posts wound up with a cute little story and sub-thread in the comments, about an activist named Elin Ersson who had interfered with Swedish deportation practices in … Continue reading

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A thought on immigration and the changing world

A recent re-flourishing of an older blog post I made has created some interesting discussion, even if I consider it a little fruitless. Exchanging ideas and getting a look at things from other perspectives can be good. Check it out, … Continue reading

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Documented Alien

Well, that was an exciting morning. And yet, ultimately, the system works. There’s a lot of waiting around, but if you can afford to wait around, then you’ll find things turn out okay. I’m such a huge sack of privilege. … Continue reading

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