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Marriage equality in Australia: Fallout

Here’s an interesting angle on the results I happily shared the other day. A Facebooker by the name of Carrie Hou shared the following post and I thought it was worth copying here: Can white lgbtq/allies who haven’t stepped a … Continue reading

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Documented Alien

Well, that was an exciting morning. And yet, ultimately, the system works. There’s a lot of waiting around, but if you can afford to wait around, then you’ll find things turn out okay. I’m such a huge sack of privilege. … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Me

Day 16. No writing. And WordPress for Windows Phone ate my ready-to-post draft without a fucking trace so here I fucking am trying to recreate this fucking post before my morning Goddamn coffee. Fuck you, WordPress. So, anyway, tomorrow I … Continue reading

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Interlude: How to be Politically Correct Without being a Whiny Prat

Day 26. 91 pages, 43,645 words. Here’s an interesting video that basically sums up my thoughts on opinions, conservatism vs. liberalism, and the whole concept of “safe areas”. As if this blog hasn’t made said position clear enough already, over … Continue reading

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Ilkka said the thing

Day 4. 28 pages, 10,329 words. Wow, this turned out to be long. Sorry about that. Except, well, that’s a lie. I’m not sorry. Just read. You know, it takes a lot to boot my social justice warrior machine into … Continue reading

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Interlude: Restoration

Day 31. 110 pages, 48,193 words. I don’t have much to add today, although I have got a bit of writing done. Looking after Toop for the morning while Wump and Mrs. Hatboy attend a market thingy. I just wanted … Continue reading

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